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who we are

The Hysmith Group, Inc. is a multi-service organization development consulting company established in 1991. The Hysmith Group, Inc. draws on more than forty years experience in administration, education, operations, and organization development. We have developed and facilitated leadership conferences and strategic planning retreats and workshops for fortune 100 companies, small businesses, community advisory boards, boards of directors, religious organizations, and profit and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.

The Hysmith Group, Inc. provides services in Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Workforce Diversity, Career Development and Leadership Development, Managerial and Staff Development, Communication Skills, and Image Development.

The Hysmith Group is also certified in administering assessments in Leadership, Management, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, The Platinum Rule, Styles of Communication, 360 Degree Feedback, Emotional Intelligence and other self-awareness assessments.

The Hysmith Group, Inc. is headed by its chief executive officer, Dr. Carole F. Hysmith, who has more than 25 years experience in education, management, and leadership development. Dr. Hysmith earned a Masters of Arts in organization psychology from Columbia University, and her Doctorate of Education in organization development from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In addition to her leadership role in The Hysmith Group, Inc., she is currently an adjunct professor at Shorter College, School of Professional Programs located in Atlanta, Georgia.

what we offer

Organization development is a much-needed intervention in today's work environment. It is a response to change that is firmly rooted in behavioral science theory and technology and involves long-term planned change strategies.

Seminars & Workshops

Accepting Differences: Diversity

Awareness Laboratory

Career & Life Management

Coaching & Counseling for Outstanding job Performance

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Skill Assessment

Career Profile

Coaching Skills Inventory Assessment

DiSC Classic

DiSC Dimensions of Behavior Assessment

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